Humankind has tirelessly sought a panacea throughout the centuries. Tetrapharmakos, the four part cure, was proselytized by the Greek philosopher Epicurus as a recipe for healing the soul and leading the happiest possible life.

Tetra is an homage to this philosophy, an experiment in living, a process, a method, at once an escape and an adventure. A chronicle of periodic crushingly trivial existential crises. An attempt at balance between thoughtful planning and spontaneity. But mostly pictures of food (hashtag basic).

about amanda

My name is Amanda Haight. I've called South Austin home for my whole life, and that's about to change. I've dabbled in many things, from acting to journalism, from photography to linguistics, to painting, to cooking, to drinking and eating and drinking some more, to wine, to France, to espresso, to fashion, to happy hour. I love my great danes and my city. Wilkommen and bienvenue.

Questions? Collaborations? Shoot me an email:
amanda (at) tetrablog.co


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